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INTRODUCTION A brief description of this Audioldies site and answers to some common questions. What is Audioldies and why is it here? What's in it for You?
Special Announcements Please Check this Link each time you visit the Audioldies site. Here's where you'll find Announcements and current news related to special audio shows being featured on the Audioldies website, topics of interest to us all, along with explanations and details of some of the recent files posted on the "FILES" and "THEME" pages.
Check often, Announcements are updated frequently.
FORUM We realize here at Audioldies that forums have gone out of style, and have been replaced by newer forms of Internet communication like Twitter and Facebook. However, Audioldies is a website all about oldies and older times, and since forums were still popular when this website was created, we thought it would be fun to continue to do things the old-fashioned way here at Audioldies. So this is still an on line discussion group where you can read and post messages to other Audioldies members, discussing various topics of interest. I certainly realize that the forum won't get anywhere near the kind of hits that it did in its hay day, but your Audioldies webmaster will continue to post articles about rock artists of the past, especially when an artist passes on which unfortunately is happening altogether too frequently these days. Of course, there will be other much lighter articles available as well so please feel free to check the forum from time to time, and also post comments if you'd like. They are always welcome.
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FILES The dynamic Upload and Download files listing. This is the real heart of the Audioldies site.
A Chronological List of these Files is also available so you can see what new material has been uploaded to the files page since your last visit.
SPECIAL THEME Another dynamic page of great music, based on a Specific Theme.
We invite you to offer us theme suggestions if you are so inclined. The Theme changes each month, so please check back often to see what the new theme is here at Audioldies. If you have a song that fits the current Theme, please post it for all to enjoy.
A Description of the Current Theme is available.
A Chronological List of these Theme Files is also available, so you can easily determine the new songs that have been uploaded to the theme page since your last visit.
EXTRA THEME NOTE! Right now, we have an EXTRA THEME available for you as well which contains an additional selection of songs based on yet another theme for you to enjoy. So Don't Forget to check it out.
A Chronological List of these EXTRA Theme Files is also available, so you can easily determine the new songs that have been uploaded to the page since your last visit.
THE AUDIOLDIES ALBUMS PAGE A page of classic oldies albums covering the 1940's through the early eighties provided as either zip files or self extracting zip or rar files for you folks to enjoy. In keeping with the general function of the Audioldies website, many of the albums you'll find on this page are VERY RARE! If you have an album to contribute to this Audioldies albums page, please don't hesitate to do so via the upload link at the bottom of the page!
A Chronological List of these Album Files is also available, so you can easily determine the new albums that have been uploaded to the page since your last visit.
Upload Registration If you want to send some of your own files to this Audioldies site to share with other users, you'll need to register a Login name and Password in order to upload files to the Audioldies Files pages.
Note! If you just want to save files from Audioldies, to your own computer, no registration is required. Just download and enjoy!
OTM Archives An Archive of Steve Summers' Oldies Time Machine Shows, from WKNH in Keene New Hampshire.
Pink and Black Days An Archive of Alex Ward's Pink and Black Days Shows from Serius-XM Radio's Fifties on 5 Channel. Listen to them at your leasure, whenever you want.
VPR's My Place An Archive of Vermont Public Radio's My Place Shows, hosted by Joel Najman.
Vinyl Treasures The Vinyl Treasures Show Archives. An oldies show with the serious, hard core doo-wop and R&B collector in mind. Hosted by Johnny G, aka Johnny Galindo, each Saturday evening.
BIOGRAPHY A mini-bio. of the Audioldies Webmaster, Sam. Who is he and why should you care?
A Photo of Sam is also available.
LINKS And finally, some of your webmaster's favorite links, in a dynamic list that you will hopefully enjoy.

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